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The Big Apple

A true epicenter of the arts, New York City is also the East Coast center of dining and shopping. Between the abundance of famous museums and legendary nightlife, you will never run out of attractions and experiences. 

From The Met to pre-Prohibition-era gastropubs and 75 Michelin-starred restaurants, New York’s charm is hard to beat. Experience every kind of performance in New York City, from improv comedy to world-class Broadway shows.

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Wedding Coordinators

To ensure a flawless event, a professional wedding coordinator is required to assist you with rehearsal, ceremony, reception and wedding planning. An onsite wedding coordinator is minimally required for all weddings.

Your Event Manager will…
Your Wedding Coordinator will…
Act as menu consultant for all food and beverage selections, to achieve required contracted minimums.
Assist with etiquette and protocol for invitations, family matters, ceremony and toasts.
Detail your Banquet Event Orders outlining the event specifics.  Create and confirm diagrams.
Create a timeline for your entire wedding day, including the ceremony and reception.
Create an Estimate of Charges outlining your financial commitments and deposit schedule to the Resort.
Work with you to organize and coordinate your ceremony rehearsal. Remind bridal party of all pertinent instructions on the wedding day.
Establish contact with the reservations department for guestroom block (if applicable), who will monitor the status of reservations.
Confirm details with any contracted vendors several days prior to the wedding day. Be the liaison with your family, bridal party, vendors and hotel staff.
Personally oversee the details of the bride and groom’s complimentary room reservation.
Assist the bride and bridal party with dressing, ensure delivery of corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres.
Oversee the setup of the ceremony and reception venues, food preparation and other hotel operations.
Deliver and arrange ceremony programs, place cards, favors and any personal items.
Ensure a seamless transition to the hotels Banquet Captain on the day of your event.
Coordinate timing of ceremony and reception, i.e. cueing music, grand entrance, cake-cutting, first dance, etc.
Review your banquet checks for accuracy prior to the completion of your final bill.
Collect and/or store any personal items you may have brought at the conclusion of the reception. Count and collect all wedding gifts and deliver to appropriate location.

Menu Pricing/Labor Fees

Confirmed at time of contract. Bartender Fee is $350.00 each for three Hours and $75 per additional hour.  (Plus Applicable Taxes). A minimum of (1) Bartender per 100 guests is required.  Attendant Fee is $350.00 each.

Guarantees of Attendance

The expected guest count is due (10) business days prior to the function date. The final guest count is due three business days prior to the function date and is not subject to reduction.

Culinary Selections

Entrée selections are limited to two plus a vegetarian option. Client to provide menu cards denoting entrée selection.  The exact count of each entrée to be provided three business days prior to the function date.

Menu Tasting

$20,000.00 Food & Beverage Minimum

Maximum of 2 guests. Choose up to three starter options, and a maximum of three entrees to sample, including the vegetarian, up to three desserts.

$40,000.00+ Food & Beverage Minimum

Maximum of 4 guests. Choose up to three starter options, and a maximum of three entrees to sample, including the vegetarian, up to three desserts.

Cake Cutting Fee

If cake is brought in by an outside vendors, Hotel will charge a $6.00++ cake cutting/serving fee per person.

Outside Food & Beverage

All food & beverage must be provided by the Hilton San Diego Bayfront unless special arrangements have been made and authorized in writing as part of the contract. We will make every effort to adjust menus to conform to religious or dietary preferences.

Children's Meals

Children’s meals to include fruit cup, chicken fingers, french fries, cookie and choice of milk or juice will be provided for children up to 10 years of age at $59++pp


Vendor Meals

Chef’s choice vendor meals will be provided for your vendors at $79++ per vendor. For plated functions, a vegetarian meal may be available upon request. Buffet or reception stations functions will rely on the varied offerings.

All vendor meals will be served in conjunction with or immediately following the main events service. If you wish to serve your vendors at an earlier or later time of more than 30 minutes, there will be an additional charge of $40 per vendor.

Room Blocks and Deliveries

Room Block options and discounted rates may be available for your guests to enjoy during your celebration.

All room deliveries (gift bags) must be coordinated through the hotel bell desk. The bell staff will oversee room assignments and delivery to your guests as instructed. Prices to be quoted based on item (s) requested for delivery.


Event Parking is available at discounted rates. Currently, Self-Parking $25/car, Valet Parking $35/car. Rates are subject to change.

Audio Visual:

$1000.00 Power Package

Wedding drop package includes up to (15) 20-amp circuits. All circuit locations to be dropped at Encores discretion. Any cabling beyond that drop is sole responsibility of wedding vendor. Both main ballrooms have been marked (see wedding power diagram) for potential drop locations and can be selected by wedding vendor up to 48h prior to event.  Any additional circuits or cabling provided by Encore beyond the included drops will be charged at prevailing rates to the client without prior approval needed. If approval is needed, client to provide day of show contact information to Encore prior to 48h before event. 


Encore is the exclusive provider of all rigging, ground supported truss or decorative truss structures, electrical services, outdoor lighting, house sound, and house lighting systems.  Any connection to the Hotel’s ceiling, supporting structure, or any infrastructure must be ordered through and approved by Encore.  Appropriate charges will apply for the use the aforementioned services at prevailing rates.

Décor & Clean-Up Fees

For your event, please note the following restrictions: – Candles are permitted, however must be encased in a glass votive that covers the full height of the flame – Glitter and/or confetti or confetti-like items are not permitted and are subject to substantial cleaning fees, no less than $5,000.00. Additionally any excessive leftover debris, flower petals etc. will be incurring a clean up fee of $5,000.00 or more.



(4) Hours of Load-in and Load-out time for freight elevator usage will be extended on a complimentary basis. Any additional hours of load-in/load-out will be charged at $100 per hour.

Fire Watch

For cold sparklers, fog or haze there will be a $60.00+ fire watch charge per hour with a minimum of (2) hours.


Outside Vendors are required to provide a $1 million certificate of liability insurance.

Taxes, Gratuities/ Service Charge and Supplemental Surcharges

All food and beverage orders are subject to a combined 27% taxable gratuity/service charge and 7.75% sales tax, which is subject to change. A portion of this combined charge (currenlty15.5%) is a gratuity that is paid directly to food servers, bartenders and barbacks (if applicable) serving the banquet, .7% for banquet houseman.  Another portion of this combined charge is a gratuity and will be fully distributed to Banquet Captains assigned to the event in accordance with the hotel's collective bargaining agreement; currently up to .5%. The remainder of the combined charge is a service charge that is retained by the hotel to cover discretionary and administrative costs of the event. Room rental charges are subject to a city occupancy tax (currently 7.75%). For your information, please note that supplemental surcharges as described in this document are charges added to your Master Account to pay for costs incurred by the Hotel in connection with additional equipment, administration, and staffing necessary for the event.  These surcharges will be solely retained by the Hotel and are not distributed to hourly or tipped employees. Examples include, but are not limited to, early sets, set-up charges, support fees, late end times, outdoor venues, resets, refreshes, cleaning and other services that require staffing above normal levels and/or services outside of the normal scope contracted and paid products.

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